Tristan Honsinger a fait ses débuts comme improvisateur à Montréal, il y a plus d’une quarantaine d’années, avant de s’installer en Europe où il occupe depuis une place importante dans le milieu de la musique improvisée. Il s’agit donc d’une sorte de retour au bercail pour lui, qui lui permet de rencontrer quelques-uns des meilleurs musiciens de Montréal. Un groupe dont la connexion est évidente, un mélange intéressant d’empathie musicale et de frictions créatrices. Mélangeant avec audace fragments de pièces tirées de son répertoire et bribes de poésie, Honsinger plonge sans retenue dans l’inconnu mouvant et multiforme caractéristique des meilleures improvisations collectives. Josh Zubot et Nicolas Caloia ne se contentent pas de le suivre, mais le provoquent et le relancent – tout comme ils le font entre eux – de manière tantôt subtile, tantôt affirmative, voire irrévérencieuse. Une magnifique rencontre.

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“In the Sea’s eponymous new album for Relative Pitch features just a string trio, allowing the players to settle into a chamberlike collision of approaches. Double bassist Nicolas Caloia and violinist Joshua Zubot bring brio and care to Honsinger’s pieces, which draw from classical music, Italian folk, and his aforementioned slapstick aesthetic, loads of nonsensical singing alternately limning pretty melodies and harnessing pure chaos. Improvisation and attuned interplay between the players define the music more than the composed themes; it’s sometimes hard to know when one composed piece ends and the improvisation begins.”-Peter Margasak / Chicago Reader 2017

Tristan Honsinger started improvising in Montreal more than forty years ago, prior to his decisive move to Europe, where he's been at the centre of improvised music activity ever since. Tristan Honsinger is a singular artist : originally from Vermont, he has made his life in Europe and has worked with most first generation improvising artists. He has played extensively with Derek Bailey and Evan Parker in the UK; Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink in Holland; Peter Brotzman and Peter Kowald in Germany; and Cecil Taylor in the USA. Currently he regularly tours and gives workshops with the ICP orchestra.

Nicolas Caloia, with his surprising and unique musical voice is an unparalleled force in the Canadiane creative music scene. As bass player, composer, and bandleader Caloia’s music can be heard in ongoing collaborations with Tristan Honsinger, Joe McPhee, Matana Roberts, Malcolm Goldstein, Sam Shalabi, Jean Derome, Joshua Zubot, and Yves Charuest, and in past projects with Roscoe Mitchell, Marshall Allen, Steve Lacy, Hassan Hakmoun, William Parker, and Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.

Joshua Zubot is a masterful violinist and composer who performs with conviction, emotion and power. He has toured internationally in ensembles such as Subtle Lip Can, In The Sea, Marie-Jo Therio and Quartestki. Zubot has turned many heads playing genres from bluegrass to musique actuelle and everything in between. He has shared stages with folk/pop musicians like Martha Wainwright, Patrick Watson, Li’l Andy, Thus Owls plus experimental musicians such as Jean Derome, Matana Roberts, cellist Tristan Honsinger, Sun Ra’s Orchestra’s Marshall Allen and New York double bassist William Parker.


"Comprised of Honsigner compositions from their recording In the Sea, the set was tight and detailed, intelligent and playful, full of romance, the arco playing resulting in beautifully layered overtones."
CHAMBERLAIN, Mike. <<All About Jazz>>, May 26, 2017.

"The audience rose to feet in rapturous applause after a superb concert by a string trio of American cellist Tristan Honsinger, and two Canadians- violinist Joshua Zubot and bassist Nicolas Caloia." BLOCK, Irwin. <<Avant Music News>>, May 20, 2017.

<< Les artistes nous ont charmées, naviguant entre humour et mélancolie au gré des compositions évoquant tantôt le romantisme des grandes traversées, la fureur des tempêtes ou la cacophonie de l'oubli. Un bonheur en ouverture de cette deuxième journée de festival! >> DUFOUR-BEAUSÉJOUR, Sophie et DESROCHERS, Éloise Lara.
<<Chyz. 94.3>> 20 mai 2017

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